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– Introduction
– My Configuration
– Tutorial
– Others Notes
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– 3D Printed parts
– Accessories


Hi, I took advantage of a rainy weekend to update my multimedia players, having bought a new Raspberry Pi 3 during the BlackFriday, I took the opportunity to print a new box.

I choose this one:

Having received a few days ago the speaker Google Home, I wanted to set up a maximum of automation in the house.

Note: I don’t use at Home Amazon Alexa, because she don’t speak french yet.

The technology and platforms available (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa …) have evolved since my first tests realized 2 years ago with S.A.R.A.H. v3, on Youtube :

My configuration:

Help to use LibreElec on Android box:

Tutorial to control Kodi through your Google Home / Google Assistant

Currently to control Kodi V17 with Google Assistant, you have 3 solutions / alternatives

  • Use Glitch to create a web server in 2 min (but limited to only 1 Kodi)
  • Create a web server on your PC (Windows or Linux) (manage several Kodi)
  • Create a web server on a NAS server (management of several Kodi, standalone and automatic start).
    Tutorial to install GoogleHomeKodi on NAS Synology:

Example : You want play a movie: “Hey Google, kodi play [movie name]”

It will search for the given movie name and play it. Currently, you can perform more than 35 actions by voice !

OmerTu compiled on GitHub the necessary elements. The project is called GoogleHomeKodi:

Note: Master and Dev branchs will soon merge.

Install Webserver on NAS Synology

If you want to use this Webserver on NAS Synology (linux) like me, check this link :

For installing Webserver on Synology, don’t froget to connect with Putty in admin (default, the admin account is disabled)

Others Notes:

The next version of Kodi V18 will work with Google Assistant (with some platforms limitations).

Beta Demo of Kodi 18 with Google Assistant :

Links :

3D Printed parts :

Raspberry Pi 3 case :
Google Home Wall mount : 

My collection on Thingiverse for Google Home / Mini / Max :

Accessories :

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