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Coming soon Artillery Sidewinder X3 and X4 series 3D printers

Very stingy with information for the moment, Artillery shows the design of 4 new FDM printers to come. Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus Artillery...

Crazy prices on latest Creality K1 and K1 MAX 3D printers

If you are looking to embark on the exciting adventure of 3D printing or if you simply want to upgrade your equipment, Geekbuying has...



Boston Dynamics Introduces Robotic Dogs With New Features In It |...

Boston Dynamics, which recently introduced robotic dogs, has now added a new feature in it. Robotic dogs can self-charge. Watch full bulletin. #RobotDogs ... source

Old Robot Dog, VERY Cool New Tricks | Mashable

Apparently, you can teach an old robot dog very cool new tricks. Boston Dynamics unveiled a bunch of upgrades for their famed 'Spot', including...