Google Maps 3D Grabber export Map to a 3D model stl, fbx, obj, in 3 steps to Blender, iClone 8, Unreal Engine 5, and Autodesk Maya 2024

Allianz Riviera Stadium Nice FRANCE
Allianz Riviera Stadium Nice FRANCE

The Google Map 3D Grabber is a professional-grade tool that allows users to extract 3D models from Google Maps 3D and convert them into FBX files, making them compatible with any other 3D software. While the individual plugins, software, and tools that make up the tool were not developed by the creator, Freedom, the unique workflow and step-by-step tutorials were created by Freedom to guide users through the process of converting the 3D models.

The tool includes the RenderDoc 1.13 installer and Blender 3.0.1, which comes pre-installed with the Map Model Importer plugin. However, the real value of the tool lies in the expertise and know-how of the creator, who has put together a comprehensive tutorial to ensure that users can fully leverage the tool’s capabilities.

It is important to note that Google Map 3D models are intended for personal, educational, and recreational purposes only, as Google does not permit the use of its 3D models for content creation. However, the Google Map 3D Grabber can still be used for personal experimentation or creating original 3D content.

If you are interested in using the Google Map 3D Grabber, you can download the zip file from the creator’s page on As a fellow 3D content creator, Freedom welcomes any questions or feedback on the tool.


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