I searched a plugin to offer the possibility to upload and send by email a 3D model with a 3D viewer. I found better !

This plugin turn your WordPress/WooCommerce website into a platform for selling 3D printing services with this powerful plugin. It’s an ideal solution for a small to medium business. Start selling your 3D printing service today!

Author link : https://www.wp3dprinting.com/


Technologies supported: FDM/FFF, DLP, SLA, Laser Cutting
WooCommerce integration.
Bulk upload mode (demo).
Form builder (NinjaForms integration).
File Manager.
Supported file types: STL (bin, ascii), OBJ (including texture support), STP, IGES (STP and IGES models get converted to STL), DXF (2D), ZIP.
Image printing: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP files get converted to STL. (Works best with high contrast images such as logos)
Infill calculation (Optional, monthly or an annual subscription is required).
Support material calculation (Optional, monthly or an annual subscription is required).
Ability to add predefined models to products.
Model scaling (can scale axis independently).
Model repair (through slic3r).
Model position optimization (automatically rotates the model to optimize the 3D printing process).
MakePrintable addon.
Manual model rotation.
Several attribute layouts.
Fullscreen mode.
Configurable printers, materials and coatings.
Transparent and glowing materials.
Filament price calculator.
Large file upload support (upload chunking).
Customizable pricing: can be configured to charge per model weight, material volume, support material volume, bounding box volume or per hour (monthly or an annual subscription is required for charging per hour). Different price rates for different amount of material/volume.
Extra price fields.
Ability to get a quote by email (email contains Buy Now link).
Checkout options:
Price calculation and instant checkout
Estimated price and “request price” button
Only “request price” button
Price request manager
Email template manager.
Translation ready
Multi Currency for WooCommerce and WPML multi currency support
Custom attributes support
Responsive layout
Browser support: works best with WebGL enabled browsers
WordPress 4+
WooCommerce 3.0+

You can test the lite version for free here : https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/3dprint-lite/

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