IdeaMaker version 3.3.0


About ideaMaker Software

Prepare files for printing with ideaMaker; Raise3D’s unique slicing software. It’s user friendly interface can prepare .STL, .OBJ and .3MF files in as little as 4 clicks, while it’s powerful settings provide limitless customization for advanced users. Designed specifically for Raise3D printers, slicing with ideaMaker is fast, efficient, and completely free.

What’s new ?

  1. Corrected extrusion width labeling.
    Standard extrusion width is now set at 0.4.  (Previously 0.5)

  2. Improved Slicing Algorithm

  3. Improved slicing templates PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, and PVA



Release Notes – ChangeLog

Version – Oct 31, 2018

  • Add slicing templates for Raise3D PC filament in N Series printer.
  • Fixed issue that the target temperature is not handled correctly for heating inactive extruder in advance.

Version – Oct 29, 2018

  • Added option to print shells in optimal order to reduce travel moves.
  • Added seam hiding options to place the start point on the corner.
  • Added option to set the firmware type of printers.
  • Added option to omit outputting RaiseTouch-specified gcodes for third-party printers and you can specify other gcodes to overwrite default commands.
  • Added support for viewing and exporting timelapse of completed print task in Dashboard under Remote Connection (RaiseTouch 1.0.0 or newer is required).
  • Added the camera shot button in the camera view under Remote Connection.
  • Fixed Wipe Wall generated incorrectly across different setting groups issue.
  • Fixed the issue that the retract incorrectly with Avoid Retraction Inside Models and Avoid Traveling Through Holes both enabled.
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