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Simplify3D annonces that this update will provide you with the control you need to tackle more complex projects, while also providing greater intelligence to streamline the preparation process and ensure high-quality results.

Whats new ?

  • Multi-Material Capabilities
  • Improved Print Time Estimates
  • Sequential Printing Enhancements
  • Smart Bridging Angle Detection
  • Customized Part Additions
  • Handle Complexity with Ease
  • Intelligent Solid Layers
  • Support For 50+ New Machines
  • And many More Improvements

Additional enhancements in 4.1 include interface improvements, better movement sequences, faster scripting, a new Portuguese language option, 100+ bugs fixes and more! Check the detailed release notes for Version 4.1 below


Release Notes – Changelog of Simplify3D (S3D) v4.1

Version 4.1.0

  • Prime Pillar and Ooze Shield have been upgraded to fully support up to 6 separate extruders
  • New Prime Pillar and Ooze Shield construction provides better stability, improved bonding between layers, and reduced material contamination
  • Improved priming sequences ensure that a tool is always primed at the beginning of each layer during multi-extrusion prints
  • Print time estimates have been greatly improved by simulating the actual behavior of the printer firmware for increased accuracy
  • New intelligent bridging algorithms utilize the model topology to automatically select the best bridging toolpaths
  • Bridging toolpaths will now be added, even when using concentric external fill patterns
  • Improved bridging behavior when dealing with multiple overlapping models
  • Sequential printing can now be used with multi-extrusion prints, allowing you to print multiple dual extrusion groups on a single build platform with reduced stringing between parts
  • When printing multiple parts, the raft for each model is now printed sequentially with its corresponding part for improved adhesion
  • Improved ability to use define separate Additions settings (rafts, skirts, etc) for nearby parts on the print bed
  • Solid layer regions have been optimized so that they are only added when absolutely needed
  • New solid layer toolpaths improve bonding between perimeters on the layers above and below, creating stronger parts in the Z-direction
  • Movement sequences have been further improved to avoid knocking over small parts when changing layers
  • Faster preheat times for multi-extruder builds
  • Fan and temperature per-layer setpoints now work more intuitively in conjunction with the Variable Settings Wizard
  • The layer number that is displayed during Preview Mode has been updated so that it is more intuitive for multi-process prints
  • Feature type comments in the G-Code file have been updated with a new prefix for easier searching and parsing
  • Using a first layer height below 100% will now correctly reduce the amount of extruded material (alternatively, a negative global Z-axis offset can be used to lower the first layer while still extruding the same amount of material)
  • Drag-and-drop can now be used to load a new G-Code toolpath preview while already in Preview Mode
  • Improved interface usability for machines with extremely large build volumes
  • Added support for a wider range of OBJ files
  • Improved slicing for degenerate models, allowing these common mesh issues to be automatically healed by the software
  • Numerous improvements for processing extremely large or complex build files
  • The custom post-processing scripting engine available in the software has been optimized for faster execution times
  • BFB toolpath formats have been significantly improved for quicker exporting
  • Numerous performance and memory usage improvements
  • New Portuguese language translation available by going to Help > Change Language
  • Improved translation consistency for French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish translations
  • Software installers now include complete language translations, allowing you to select your preferred language during setup for improved accessibility
  • Mac installer has been updated to be full 64-bit to avoid any potential warnings during installation
  • Fixed a bug that was causing slow wipe speeds in certain situations
  • Skirt and ooze shield toolpaths have been improved to remove extremely short movements
  • Resolved an issue that had impacted FFF settings import from previously exported G-Code files
  • Over 100 additional bug fixes across many different parts of the application for issues identified by our community
  • Added support for over 50 new 3D printers including the Alfawise U20, Anycubic Chiron, Creality Ender 3 Pro, Creality CR-X, FlashForge Adventurer 3, FlashForge Guider II, FlashForge Inventor II, Geeetech A10, Geeetech A30, PowerSpec Ultra 2.0, Qidi Technology X-pro, TEVO Flash, Ultimaker S5, and many more

Version 4.0.1

  • Improvements for the Variable Settings Wizard to support a wider variety of machines and setups
  • Extended compatibility for Windows rendering environments with reduced graphics support
  • Process ordering improvements for sequential printing control
  • Improved reliability for transitions between multiple processes
  • Better handling for prints with zero perimeter outlines
  • Improved naming prompts when using the “Save As New” option to create a new profile
  • USB communication settings are now maintained after a printer is connected, making it easier to setup builds for new machines
  • Updated support for the latest MakerBot and Dremel firmwares
  • Solved several rare situations that would cause slicing to take longer than intended
  • Resolved an issue with prime pillar and ooze shield toolhead sequences
  • Resolved an issue with large file handling on some Windows systems that had affected toolpath and factory file operations
  • Other miscellaneous stability and performance improvements
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