Most Requested Features

The cutting edge tools used in the 3D printing industry today.

  • Adaptive Layer Height

Adaptive layer height combines the benefits of speed and high quality printing. By automatically detecting variations between layers, adaptive layer height will choose when to use fast-printing thicker layers, and fine quality thinner layers for an optimal high-quality finish at faster speeds.

  • Infill Modifiers & Gyroid Fill

Added structural functionality with modifiers. Modify models through intersections to create different: infill patterns, infill percentages, and shells within the same model.
Combine this with one of our many infill patterns, or the new high-strength low-weight Gyroid 3D infill.

  • Support Modifiers and Updates

More control when generating support structures.
Use modifiers to create new support sections based on a secondary model geometry.
Combine manual and automatic supports. Place manual supports before generating automatic supports to guarantee print success in known difficult areas.

  • Sequential Printing

Seamless production with one-at-a-time attention.  Sequential printing will complete one model entirely before moving onto the next for cleaner and stronger prints with less travel and end points.

And More
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