All spare parts for 3D Printer Monoprice Maker Ultimate & Wanhao Duplicator 6

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Recommanded Upgrade (quality & speed)

Picture Name / Ref / ID US WORLD Link UK Link FR Link
Bondtech BMG extruder – Wanhao Duplicator 6 (tutorial) US/WORLD Link EU Link FR Link Ebay


Picture Name / Ref / ID US WORLD Link UK Link FR Link
all Metal Hotend with SLOTTED Cooling Block for Duplicator 6 Micro Swiss US/WORLD Link UK Link FR Link

All spare parts

Picture Reference Name Link 1 Link 2
0306098 Acrylic cover Link  Link
528206 D6 Build talk stickers size 220x220cm  Link  Link
0306001 D6 aluminum top case Link
0306003 D6- case bottom plate Link
0306004 D6- X and Y Motor amount base Link
0306006 D6- build plate Link
0306008 D6 HBP rib 2 Link
0306010 D6 HBP platform building plate Link
0306011 D6 Z axis bracket Link  
xxxx D6- track aluminum block 3 Link  Link
0306015 D6-extruder driving system base Link
0306016 D6- MK11 extruder base  Link
0306017 D6-MK11 extruder cooling fin Link  Link
0306018 D6- MK11, Hot end aluminum blcok  Link
0306019 D6-12×285 rod Link
0306020 D6 8×335 rod Link
0306022 D6-1204-290MM screw ( nut with 4 hole) Link  Link
0306024 D6-SK12 bracket for Z axis rod Link
0306025 D6-KFL08 bearing holder, bracket Link  Link
0306026 D6-LM6UU(6x12x35)linear bearing Link  Link
0306027 D6-LMK12UU AUU Square bearing Link Link 
0306028 D6-34 Z axis Motor, extruder Motor Link Link
0306029 D6-20-2GT-Φ5 black timing pulley Link  Link
0306030 D6, 20-2GT-Φ black timing pulley Link Link 
0306031 D6-606-2GT-6 timing belt Link  Link
0306032 D6-202-2GT-6 timing belt Link  Link
0306033 D6-extruder cable cover, interface panel cover Link
0306034 D6 interface panel base Link
0306035 D6-heating tube Link
0306036 D6 PT100 thermocouple Link  Link
0306037 D6 I3PLUS 350W, 24V PSU, power supply unit Link Link
0306038 D6-HBP, heating baord(without aluminum board) Link Link 
0306039 D6 Motherboard, Main board, Link Link
0306040 D6-control board Link  Link
0306041 D6- interface panel, keyset, patching board Link  Link
0306042 D6-HBP cable+ black cable cover Link  Link
0306043 D6 PSU cable to mother board Link  Link
0306044 D6- end stop cable Link Link
0306045 D6-black ribbon cable 1.5m, extruder data cable Link  Link
0306046 D6-XY axis motor cable 520mm Link Link 
0306047 D6- Z axis motor cable 120mm Link
0306048 D6-extruder cable, 50mm Link Link
0306055 D6 HBP Spring, 12mm diameter  Link
0306056 D6-end stop switch Link Link
0306058 D6-30mm diameter twist aluminum button Link
0306059 D6- Cable sticker base 30B  Link
0306060 D6- control board ribbon cable+ aluminium foil  Link
0306062 D6- display, OLED display Link  Link
0306063 D6-light extending cable, 85cm  Link
0306064 D6- LED light, white 24V Link  Link
0306065 D6-BKFE12 upper screw base Link
0306066 D6-air guide groove Link  Link
0306073 D6- motherboard cooling fan, 40*10mm, 24v, 25cm Link link 
0304004-D6 Y axis 8×350 for D5S, D5S Mini,D6-Y axis Link  Link
0304019-D6 D5S, D5S Mini  coupler D20×L25(5×8) Link  Link
 PTFE Thermal Barrier Liner for MK10/MK11 Extruder 1 PTFE Thermal Barrier Liner for MK10/MK11 Extruder Link
Wanhao MK10/MK11 noozle 1 Wanhao MK10/MK11 noozle Link
Wanhao MK10/MK11 guiding tube 1 Wanhao MK10/MK11 guiding tube Link
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