I love his solution with 1 extruder  :heart:

We completely rewrote the M600 gcode support in Marlin (available on prusa3d.com) to be actually usable. When M600 is triggered either from LCD panel or from a pre-prepared gcode file the printer will:

Technical details

  • Stop moving and retract
  • Raise the Z by 2 mm and move quickly outside the printbed
  • Unload the current filament
  • LCD panel will ask you to insert the new filament and confirm when it’s done
  • After the initial loading of the filament you will get three options on the LCD 1) Everything is correct and printing may continue 2) Filament didn’t load, try again 3) Extrude a bit more if the color is still tinted by the previous one
  • After confirming, printer returns to the original position and continues to print.

Source : http://prusaprinters.org/easy-color-3d-printing-on-new-original-prusa-i3-1-75-mm-video/

update : http://prusaprinters.org/generate-colorprint-gcode-online/

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