All spare parts for 3D Printer Monoprice Maker Ultimate & Wanhao Duplicator 6

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Picture Name / Ref / ID US WORLD Link UK Link FR Link
Bondtech BMG extruder – Wanhao Duplicator 6 (tutorial) US/WORLD Link
EU Link FR Link


Picture Name / Ref / ID US WORLD Link UK Link FR Link
all Metal Hotend with SLOTTED Cooling Block for Duplicator 6 Micro Swiss US/WORLD Link UK Link FR Link

All spare parts

Picture Reference Name Link
0306098 Acrylic cover Link
528206 D6 Build talk stickers size 220x220cm  Link
0306001 D6 aluminum top case Link
0306003 D6- case bottom plate Link
0306004 D6- X and Y Motor amount base Link
0306006 D6- build plate Link
0306008 D6 HBP rib 2 Link
0306010 D6 HBP platform building plate Link
0306011 D6 Z axis bracket Link
xxxx D6- track aluminum block 3 Link
0306015 D6-extruder driving system base Link
0306016 D6- MK11 extruder base Link
0306017 D6-MK11 extruder cooling fin Link
0306018 D6- MK11, Hot end aluminum blcok Link
0306019 D6-12×285 rod Link
0306020 D6 8×335 rod Link
0306022 D6-1204-290MM screw ( nut with 4 hole) Link
0306024 D6-SK12 bracket for Z axis rod Link
0306025 D6-KFL08 bearing holder, bracket Link
0306026 D6-LM6UU(6x12x35)linear bearing Link
0306027 D6-LMK12UU AUU Square bearing Link
0306028 D6-34 Z axis Motor, extruder Motor Link
0306029 D6-20-2GT-Φ5 black timing pulley Link
0306030 D6, 20-2GT-Φ black timing pulley Link
0306031 D6-606-2GT-6 timing belt Link
0306032 D6-202-2GT-6 timing belt Link
0306033 D6-extruder cable cover, interface panel cover Link
0306034 D6 interface panel base Link
0306035 D6-heating tube Link
0306036 D6 PT100 thermocouple Link
0306037 D6 I3PLUS 350W, 24V PSU, power supply unit Link
0306038 D6-HBP, heating baord(without aluminum board) Link
0306039 D6 Motherboard, Main board, Link
0306040 D6-control board Link
0306041 D6- interface panel, keyset, patching board Link
0306042 D6-HBP cable+ black cable cover Link
0306043 D6 PSU cable to mother board Link
0306044 D6- end stop cable Link
0306045 D6-black ribbon cable 1.5m, extruder data cable Link
0306046 D6-XY axis motor cable 520mm Link
0306047 D6- Z axis motor cable 120mm Link
0306048 D6-extruder cable, 50mm Link
0306055 D6 HBP Spring, 12mm diameter Link
0306056 D6-end stop switch Link
0306058 D6-30mm diameter twist aluminum button Link
0306059 D6- Cable sticker base 30B Link
0306060 D6- control board ribbon cable+ aluminium foil Link
0306062 D6- display, OLED display Link
0306063 D6-light extending cable, 85cm Link
0306064 D6- LED light, white 24V Link
0306065 D6-BKFE12 upper screw base Link
0306066 D6-air guide groove Link
0306073 D6- motherboard cooling fan, 40*10mm, 24v, 25cm Link
0304004-D6 Y axis 8×350 for D5S, D5S Mini,D6-Y axis Link
0304019-D6 D5S, D5S Mini  coupler D20×L25(5×8) Link
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