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Dog-like robot gets arm, plays jump rope

Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts company famous for its dog-like robot "Spot" announced it has added a human-like arm to the device, allowing it to...

Help! Now it’s ARMED | Boston Dynamics’ Spot gets a robotic arm

Remember this little fella, who used to be ruthlessly kicked and punched? Seems now he can PUNCH BACK, as the moms and dads at...

BOSTON DYNAMICS: Roboterhund "Spot" hat jetzt auch einen Arm

Rund 400 Exemplare des Roboterhunds „Spot“ hat Boston Dynamics nach eigenen Angaben bereits verkauft. Doch da er keine Fließbandarbeit ist, ist er alles ... source

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Atomstack launch X20 Pro 130W Quad-Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine Built-in...

  We have tested many laser Engraving and Cutting machines in the past. A brand that offers much better quality products than its competitors is Atomstack. We...

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