Free IP Camera Monitoring for 3D printer with old webcam usb in 5min

My Wanhao Duplicator 6 is near my PC (at 2 meters). I have thinked to use my old USB webcam like an IP CAM (Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 since 2002).  It’s very easy to do in 5 min.

The specs of this usb webcam are “honorable” for this job : Resolution 1.3Megapixels / 1280*960


  • Find a long usb cable (2m for me)
  • Donwload  Yawcam at
  • Install it on Windows
  • Configure Yawcam in few steps.
  • Download IP Cam Viewer ans configure it

On mobile :

Download Ip Cam Viewer Lite on Android Phone


Download Ip Cam Viewer Lite on iPhone

In IP Cam Viewer Lite select profil “Yawcam” add your IP and port

I have selected IP CAM Viewer because is on Appstore and Playstore. You can choose other app

Tip : if videostream is poor, use http with pictures


  • it requires a computer on (not a problem for me)
  • No HD with very old webcam ( You can control if it prints but not the details)


Various designs ready to print exist for Logittech c270 ,c910 c920, GoPro, Xiaomi Yi:

Featured picture by CMH

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