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Official ZBrush Summit Presentation: Red Storm Entertainment

Founded in 1996, North Carolina-based Red Storm Entertainment is Ubisoft's US development studio. With the release of the legendary Tom Clancy's Rainbow ... source

Pixologic ZBrush Feature video – Siggraph 2011

Pixologic presents a quick and exciting look on how ZBrush is used in the industry. Visit Pixologic.com to see the exciting features of ZBrush...

ZBrush 4 – Timeline

Using the timeline in ZBrush 4 to improve your work flow. source

ZBrush 4 – ShadowBox Alphas

Using custom alphas in ShadowBox. source

ZBrush 4 – Move Elastic Brush

Explore new shapes in ZBrush 4 using the Move Elastic Brush. source

ZBrush 4 – Move Topological Brush

Move parts of the surface of your mesh independently even if they are close together using the Move Topological Brush in ZBrush 4. source

Latest News

Atomstack launch X20 Pro 130W Quad-Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine Built-in...

  We have tested many laser Engraving and Cutting machines in the past. A brand that offers much better quality products than its competitors is Atomstack. We...

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