Wanhao D6 Upgrade : Dual fans holder kit for extruder / double fans shroud

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    This upgrade kit can print faster and in better quality small parts

    Buy 2 fans :

    Fans can be ordered on Amazon or eBay to few euros

    References : DC 24V 4010 40x40x10mm 2 fils

    My order,  link on Amazon France :


    Link on Amazon UK :


    Print dual holder fans :

    download-red Download the .stl file Martin & Pawels D6 Double Fan Shroud V5.4


    wanhao duplicator 6 - d6 double fans holder Martin & Pawell 5.4

    By Martin Cooper et Pawel Drogowski

    this holder need to pint with ABS or Z-Ultrat

    “Latest version of the double fan shroud design for the D6. It’s not the most elegant looking design but that extra bar on the back should give it the necessary stiffness to resist the left side from sagging down when printed in more heat resistant plastics (like abs) that tend to be more flexible.”



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