Nozzle clogged or damaged extruder on Wanhao D6

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    I have a new problem with extruder.

    The print start, but after a moment: gear and bearing make sound click clik and can’t load filament. seems to be blocked in tube ptfe/pipe/nozzle.

    I have printed too the second filament holder (model by Gary Chan on Thinigverse). The filament unrolls successful on the all reels.

    I have unmont nozzle, tube, pipe, gear and cleaned all parts. but no effect. (pictures before and after)

    I have order 1x MK10 to test in 3 days his remplacement.

    I have tested some other 3d models, cleaned many times nozzle and tube, checked reel filament, tested with 3 pla filaments differents (Wanhao, BQ, ICE) …

    I have posted on facebook group and on googke group but no solution.

    Do you have an idea ? a solution ?


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