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Duplicator 6 – Liste des Firmwares officiels disponibles

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    Liste des Firmares :

    Firmware Version 2.3 / Date 2016/04/07


    Wanhao_Duplicator_6_D6_Firmware _V2.3(98ko)

    Note:  Modifcation de la position de démarrage. Orientatio nde départ modifiée


    Firmware Version 2.4 / Date 2016/04/09

    Wanhao_Duplicator_6_D6_FirmwareWanhao_Duplicator_6_D6_Firmware _V2.4(106ko)

    Note: “Correct Lower buildplate and Raise buildplate”. Corrige la valeur actuelle qui correspondait pas à la valeur réelle.


    Firmware Version 2.5 / Date 2016/04/28

    Wanhao_Duplicator_6_D6_FirmwareWanhao_Duplicator_6_D6_Firmware _V2.5(107ko)

    Note:  Corrige la Température maximum de l’Extrudeuse à 260°C. Corrige la Température maximum du plateau chauffant à 115°C



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    Attention : Le nouveau firmware 2.6  n’est pas conseillé, il crée un grand nombre de problèmes listés sur la partie anglaise du forum


    Giancarlo Monastero

    Hi to All, after testing my Wanhao D6 for several months, firmware Marlin Version 1.1.0-RC8 02-27-17 Version 5.0 I finally realized that the original firmware 3.1 prints better on the first layer.
    Surely the Marlin has problems with the leveling system of the plate.

    Quite distressed I decided to take the original firmware and enter new menu items in “Maintenance > Advanced” and edit some of them:

    Lower plate 25mm
    Lower buildplate (the heated plate goes down to the bottom)
    Preheat all (Preheat Extruder and Plate “210/70”, status Info)
    Stop heating (Extruder heating and flat heating, status info)
    Disable stepper

    The firmware can be installed either by Cura Wanhao or by Xloader included in the zip file.

    I hope to have been useful to the community.
    Special thanks to my friend G. Orrico.

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    Massimiliano Conti

    Hello could you change the temperature from 260° c to 300° c? thanks

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