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    First, I have to say that the D6 is a really impressive machine. I don’t want any of the problems I’ve had to jade anyone on it. In fact, this has been one of the best experiences I’ve had with any printer for under $1k

    I’m running the printer through test prints so expect some pictures soon.

    So down to the good parts:

    • Let’s start with the frame. Nice thick stamped aluminum, I think powdercoated black (because aluminum is tricky to paint otherwise). It just flat out looks sharp and is solid as a rock.
    • It’s also one of the best looking printers thus far from Wanhao. It is a new class of printer for them.
    • The Ultimaker style gantry is similar to the previous D5 series but is seriously improved on so many levels. The tolerances are extremely tight, the double 6mm rods for the central cross are a thing of wonder.
    • The Z stage with bearings above and below the plate with ribbed bracing is the best one yet. Hand down, forget about leveling. Set it and forget it. Nice 3 point leveling and just nice to use leveling script.
    • The all new direct drive extruder head and new MK11 hotend (compatible with MK10 nozzles and upgrades!!!!!!) is great.
    • I even like the cooling fan setup, both for the cold end and the print cooling fan. Honestly- no more worrying about going off the deep end on upgrades.
    • The electronics and firmware are slick. While they haven’t shown the source code, I’m honestly not jumping out of the way to try and upgrade it. It just flat out works.
    • The LCD or OLED (haven’t figured out yet which) is bright and high contrast. It’s very, very nice.
    • The built in power supply is great (VS the D5 series power brick).
    • The LED lighting is nicely controlled via firmware with a bunch of options I think folks will like. You can dim it, turn it constant on or off, controlled only when printing, turn on at the end of a print, and maybe features i haven’t figured out yet.
    • The front facing full size SD card slot is also the best yet. Ease of use but also safe and not prone to damage.
    • USB in the back is a great location next to the power and is a full sized port. No more broken mini connectors as on the i3
    • Custom Cura software and profile made just for this series of printer. This is also a HUGE step up over the old days of trying to rig up a profile and follow some shaky instructions.
    • Ribbon flex cable to the head is a great move.
    • Single board electronics pass all my wants and haves. It’s a solid design IMO. Honestly, yet another point I have no desire to upgrade. It just flat out works.

    Ok, so the only problems I’ve had, and they are minor but worth noting:

    #1 The printer was found not working, and another user reported the same problem in that during shipping, the lower underside metal cover was flexed in and bent and unplugged the Z stepper cable. Wanaho assured me they are addressing this by changing the packing and also looking into a way to prevent this. An unplugged stepper is pretty minor IMO.

    #2 The software install of Cura went fine, but the first run was in Chinese, and then it also did not load the driver on my windows 7 64 bit. By that, I mean the software installed and the driver did install, but they did not work correctly until I rebooted the computer.

    Not a huge deal- consider that just additional instructions. BE SURE TO REBOOT.

    #3 The only, only, only problem I had and I tried to give it a fighting chance stock was the extruder drive gear is a new style steel unit. Unfortunately, I saw it grinding the filament and gaps on my first layer test print and just flat out decided to upgrade it to the same D4 gear we found was best for the i3. Sorry Wanhao, it did make that much of a difference, I cannot just let it slide. It’s night and day. Again, I took a genuine D4 gear and installed it, and it went from slipping (you can see the gear and V bearing through the front of the extruder and the gear was turning and the Vgroove bearing was not 100% tracking and you could see it fail to grip. This was not a bed leveling issue, this was simply grip. It did not pass the classic extrude and try to stop the motor test. The good news is how easy it is to change the gear or inspect. 2 screws hold the motor and feeder now. Just unplug the stepper, 2 screws and you have the feeder and motor in your hands.

    #4 This actually is a problem, but not unsolvable, no feed guide tube and no guide for the extruder wire. I know one dealer is recommending a Zortrax kit that solves this, but it’s a crying shame it’s not stock.

    #5 I debated about even saying this but it needs rubber feet. As it, the frame just sits on your table. Other brands seem to also, but it’s still a way to improve the printer. In fact, doesn’t the D4S come with rubber feet?

    Being honest, for a first batch this was impressive. I can only imagine the minor things I’ve outlined as being simple fixes. Seriously, this is the next really competitive printer on the market.”

    From “Jetguy” source :!topic/wanhao-printer-3d/R-cyqSZoW9g



    j’ai trouvé plusieurs vendeurs répertoriés mais ils donnent peu de détails. si j’achète à l’étranger ai-je une garantie ? j’ai vu seulement le vendeur aux usa qui garanti 1 an la duplicator 6.

    I found some sellers listed by wanhao but they provide few details. if I buy ? it is guarantee? I see only the seller in the usa which guaranteed the duplicator 6 1 year


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